Sci-fi Building

Sci-Fi industrial themed building with exterior and interior views.

This industrial, Sci-Fi inspired building was created using Maya with textures done in Photoshop. Final presentation done in Unity.

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Sci-fi 16 Sci-fi 15 Sci-fi 14 Sci-fi 13 Sci-fi 12 Sci-fi 11 Sci-fi 10 Sci-fi 9 Sci-fi 8 Sci-fi 7 Sci-fi 6 Sci-fi 5 Sci-fi 4 Sci-fi 3 Sci-fi 2 Sci-fi 1


Tree and Window Miniprojects

These mini projects where created to see what could be done in a short period of time. The tree was created in ZBrush and the other elements used

tiling texture. I wanted to give a whimsical cartoon vibe to this old tree. The window was created using similar tiling textures, simulating a game asset pipeline.

I wanted it to feel like it was taken from an old abandoned building.

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tree 1 tree 2 tree 3 tree 4 window 1 window 2 window 3 window 4 window 5