I love building things that allow me to share a personal connection with others. When an object, a place, or a character has personality, it allows us to show their history and their story. Truly powerful experiences are created not from a single element, like music or visuals. Rather, it is through the interplay between them that we can craft a narrative that can touch someone on an emotional level.

This is what drives me to create, and I hope that I can share this feeling with you.

I am a 3D Generalist and VFX Artist who delivers high-level design and art assets that match stylistic and performance requirements for diverse projects including software development, marketing, advertising, and web design. Throughout my career, I have worked closely with Art and Design Directors to define and elevate the look and feel of games, videos, and overall user experience.

Most recently, as the Content Integrator for Complex Games, I collaborated with teams of programmers, artists, and designers to develop iOS and Android applications. Together, we have launched 3 titles since 2013 for major clients and entertainment brands.

I am recognized as a highly collaborative artist, with a deep understanding of both technical and artistic aspects of projects that allows for heavily optimized content while maintaining visual style and identity.


* VFX Artistry
* 3D Modelling and Sculpting
* Texturing
* Lighting
* Animation
* User Interaction
* Interface Design


* 3D Printing

– In my free time I design and print Items that I use around the house, everything from spare parts, to pieces of art that I create. I have even started designing a table top RPG dungeon kit for printing.

* Magic

– For the past 10+ years I have run my own business as a Magician. As well as performing for special events, parties, and galas, I also instruct at MB Society for Young Magicians.

* Game Design

– During the recent Winnipeg Game Jam a friend and myself created PURGE, a twin stick “in the dark” maze game. Together we both designed and built PURGE in ~3 days. Along with being one of the most visually stunning games to come out of that game jam, we where also congradulated on our “out of the box” thinking in reguards to the “bullet hell” genre.

* Music Creation
* Traditional 2D FX Animation
* Photography
* Skiing