Yashica 635


A 3D model of an old Yashica camera that has been in my family for as long as I can remember. I tried to capture what it would look like being brand new.

Modeled in Maya. Rendered in Mental Ray.

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Ryan Bartel, Leather-working

Ryan is a super talented artist that works in leather. I had the pleasure of first discovering Ryan’s work at a historical fencing club, where he had made a wide variety of armor that was in use during the sparring sessions. Ryan graciously offered to make me a mask for this video.


I wanted to capture the creative feel that Ryans work has, choosing panning shots allowed me to stay close up on this focused craft, while also adding some dynamics and interest.


If you would like something cool from Ryan, send him an e-mail at ryan@rampantdesign.com

Bedroom Lighting

An experiment in matching lighting from multiple promo pictures for houses and bedrooms.

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Puzzle Title Sequence

I wanted to create a intro sequence that resembled mystery and adventure. Pulling inspiration from things like Indiana Jones and games like Myst.

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